5/17/2015 - US Presidents vs Jobs & Unemployment
President Obama: Best unemployment rate reduction since at least 1977.
Obama created more jobs than GHW+GW Bush COMBINED
Obama lowered the unemployment rate more than Reagan+GHW+GW Bush ALL COMBINED

New jobs numbers are out. No surprises, jobs added, pushing up President Obama's job creation numbers. Obama is currently the 3rd-best job creator since 1977 over federal budget periods:

  1. Clinton: 20.3M
  2. Reagan: 16.9M
  3. Obama: 11.2M
  4. Carter: 7.9M
  5. GHW Bush: 3.0M
  6. GW Bush: -1.6M (jobs lost)

Obama's number helped push Democratic presidents to over 40 million jobs created since 1977, now over 20 million more jobs than created by Republican presidents--even though Republicans have had more time in office. During the same time, Republicans have created 2x more debt than the Democratic presidents ($4T vs $2T in 1983 dollars).

Obama continues to retain his record as largest unemployment rate decrease over federal budget periods since at least 1977 (We didn't look back beyond 1977).

  1. Obama: -4.4%
  2. Reagan: -2.3%
  3. Clinton: -1.7%
  4. Carter: +0.8%
  5. GHW Bush: +1.4%
  6. GW Bush: +4.8%
POTUS vs jobs and unemployment chart

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